This policy applies for, which is owned and managed by JENSENplus, Frederiksdalvej 8, 8940 Randers SV, Denmark (CVR. 33 95 91 76). JENSENplus is governed by the Danish law of Processing of Personal Data and any handling of personal data complies with the law of Processing of Personal Data. JENSENplus is according to the law of Processing of Personal Data responsible for the information registered about customers and visitors of the website.

In different ways JENSENplus gathers information about you in relation to your visit on the website. This policy describes which type of information we collect, how we handle these and who you can contact if you have questions or comments regarding our guidelines.


JENSENplus collects information about our users in two ways:

Through so-called ‘cooking’ (read next paragraph) and through registration (read below).

When purchasing on the website JENSENplus collects the customer’s name, address, phone number/mobile phone number and Email. This data is saved along with information regarding which products you have bought the last 5 years since the end of the financial year the information relates to, such as in the Danish law of bookkeeping, and after that the information is deleted.

The information is not distributed or sold to any third-party unless this happens in relation to a restructuring or in relation to the company being completely or partially sold. The potential distribution will in that case happen in accordance to the always existing law of Processing of Personal Data.

Furthermore we use EPAY us our payment provider when you pay with credit card at EPAY is obligated to abide by the always existing demands for payment redeemers including demands in terms of security. Moreover DIBS is responsible for the handling of credit card numbers and passwords is a secure way and in accordance with the demands given according to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Besides the payment situation JENSENplus collects personal data in connection with newsletters, competitions or other services. In that connection JENSENplus collects names, addresses, Emails and designation of occupation. You need to agree with those terms in order to be put on our Email list and afterwards receive newsletters along with invitations to events and competitions. You can unsubscribe from this service at all times and with no costs.


Our website is hosted by external suppliers who treat  the data on our behalf and in compliance with our instructions. We do not pass along your personal data to other third parties.


JENSENplus reserves the right to update and change the guidelines in this policy. When doing so we will also change the date written under ‘last updated’ in the bottom of the document.


When you visit JENSENplus you accept the guidelines above.

If your personal data changes, for example your Email, or if you no longer want to use the services that you signed up for at it is possible to opdate or delete your personal data by either logging in to your account on or by sending an Email to

You have the right to gain access to the information we process about you but with certain exceptions determined by law. Furthermore you have the right to object to the collection and processing of your personal data. Moreover you have the right to correct your personal data in need of that.