Port of Aarhus

Of course the building had to have a maritime atmosphere because of the placement but it was equally as important that you could see in the interior decoration that Port of Aarhus was a modern company where there was room for both women in high heels and skirts and crane operators with oil on their clothes.

That challenge was solved by JENSENplus because we created small environments where everyone could feel at home. We also achieved the right look by using rustic materials like concrete and steel as well as fabrics that had a raw look.

In the interior decoration it was important for us to make sure that the products were not only long lasting but also had a surprising element in terms of a twist of our own DNA.

The project was given to us by Formsprog who presented a design brief in words and pictures. JENSENplus was one of the smaller companies who wanted the project but the important thing was that we had our own production that stood out from the crowd. 

Customer: Havnecenteret
Vandvejen 7
DK-8000 Aarhus C


Solution:Total spaceplanning, including standard and custommade furniture