JENSENplus: Experimental Danish design with international reach

JENSEN. A last name that on the international design scene is a label for Danish design and quality. The way we see it quality is formed by distinctiveness, timelessness and solid craftsmanship. Therefor that’s exactly what we distribute, sell and produce.



In order to understand who JENSENplus is we need to take a trip back in history. It all started in 1951 at a littleback yard in Brødregade, Randers when Harald Nielsen established Harald Nielsen Store- and Office Furniture. The factory quickly became a success and was moved to Pramvej 7 in Randers. In 1989, the first generation change was made. In 1999, the furniture factory moved to the present location, Frederiksdalvej Randers, in a building drawn by Schmidt Hammer Lassen that started as a simple sketch on a napkin and ended up receiving Randers' first architecture award in 2000. In 2006, JENSENplus was established and today we are still located in the award-winning architectonical building. In our building you’ll find our showroom which is the ideal window to our world. Here we have a jumble of classic, unique and distinctive design furniture. Behind the showroom a joiner’s workshop hides. That way the production happens as a natural part of our working day.   

The original, the crooked and the unique has always been the cornerstones in the development of new products. And that is the foundation we built upon. To JENSENplus it’s all about bringing solid craftsmanship and innovative thinking together. The experimental way of thinking is the reason why today we are capable of delivering design and interior decoration that works, that surprises and that expands the viewer’s idea of how an interior decoration can and should look. 

JENSENplus is a small company. But we’re also a strong company. Because as a result of our size and structure we are some of the most flexible on the market. We’re open minded, we’re skilful, we’re dynamic and we’re enterprising. That makes us capable of taking thorough care of any project and turning it into exactly what the costumers wants and needs.



Call us at +45 5363 0000 or send an e-mail to info@jensenplus.dk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.